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MC5: Controller for astronomical telescope mounts

MC5 is an advanced telescope controller which can use absolute encoders for both position feedback and closed loop tracking.

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MC3: Controller for astronomical telescope mounts

This is a versatile telescope controler system. This equipment is the optimal choice for all medium to large telescope mounts. It controls the The built-in stepper motors of the mount, allowing the object positioning and tracking.

To use this device, you should connect it to a computer, which is running planetarium software (eg, Ursa Minor Pro) or use a hand-held remote control.

The device can be easily adapted to most astronomical telescope mounts. With the included (free download) software you can adjust the gear ratio, the current level of the motors and many other parameters.

Thanks to the versatile configuration options the motors are running very fine. This capability makes it especially useful for useing at very good atmospheric conditions where the image in the telescope is very sensitive to any kind of small errors.

MC3 and MC4 motor controller for astronomical telscope mounts MC3 motor controller for astronomical telscope mounts

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Ursa Minor hand controller for MC3
Ursa Minor hand control for MC3 and MC4

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Universal Hand Control

This Hand controller is compatible with the Skywatcher mounts. It provides an alternative to the original hand control: It has many powerful features and easy to use even for beginners.

Universal Hand Control

On the image you can see the Traditional MC3 Hand control and the Universal Hand Control. From the outside, the only difference is the new connectors of the new Hand control.

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Ursa Minor Planetarium Program

Versatile planetarium program with telescope control capabilities.

Ursa Minor screenshot

The program includes a very detailed sky map of the entire sky makes it useful for amateur and professional use. In addition, the program is capable to control astronomical telescopes, allowing automatic object positioning and tracking.

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Bluetooth interface for Autotracking and Merlin mounts
Most of the new laptops are have built-in bluetooth radio. The olders can be easily upgraded with USB port Bluetooth modules. With bluetooth connection we can control our telescope mout without wires. This bluetooth interface compatible with Skywatcher Autotracking and Merlin mounts. Just put this module into the handcontroller socket of the mount, and your mount will be ready to controlled wirelessly.
Bluetooth interface Ursa Minor Bluetooth interface with DSLR output

There is also an advanced version of our Bluetooth Interface (image on right). It has an additional output to control the exposure time of a digital camera. (Long exposure time in mode "B") It is compatible with Canon EOS 300D - 500D models. The 2,5mm jack cable included to provide remote exposure and auto focusing function.

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Standalone Panorama controller for Merlin mounts

This hand-held controller (handset) can be directly connected to a Merlin mount and let you taking panoramic photos easily. You won´t need any computer or smartphone.

Standalone Panorama controller for Merlin mounts Standalone Panorama controller for Merlin mounts

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Combined USB cable for controlling telescope mount and EOS DSLR camera

This interface cable is designed for Ursa Minor Pro program. It provides an easy way to connect the telescope mount and DSLR camera to the computer. Ursa Minor Pro program can control the exposure time of DSLR camera in "B" mode. It is compatible with CANON EOS 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D digital SLR cameras. As controlling the telescope this interface is EQMOD compatible.

Ursa Minor Pro can co-operate with an autoguider program too. It can monitor the signals of the autoguider program and mix these commands to goto and manual movement commands. The result is: With just one cable you can achieve GOTO and Auto-guiding. In this case the autoguider port of the mount remains unconnected.

This interface cable needs a driver. You can download it from the Downloads page. Please download the FTDI_automatic_driver.zip file, unpack it and start the CDM 2.04.06.exe file.

Combined USB interface cable Combined USB interface cable

The interface cable can be ordered in three different version for different telescope mounts:

  • For portable azimuthal mounts such as Merlin, AutoTrack and SupaTrak. (Not recommended for taking long exposure astronomical photograps)
  • For NEQ3, NEQ5, HEQ5 pro mounts (capable for astrophotography)
  • For EQ6 pro (recommended for astrophotography)

Important notice: The small portable azimuthal mounts such as Merlin, AutoTrack and SupaTrak were not designed to take long exposure photograps because the tracking is not smooth enough. The tracking is pulse-driven by every few seconds.

Ursa Minor Autoguider Interface

Universal autoguider interface for USB port. It is compatible with all telescope mounts with ST4 autoguider port. Tested with GudeMaster and PHD guiding programs.

Ursa Minor Autoguider

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Modified EQ3 and EQ5 handcontrollers with autoguider input
The old EQ3 and EQ5 mounts have slow motors and simple handcontrol providing slow motions and tracking. With this modification these can be used for astrophotography. We also reprogrammed the internal microprocessor of these hand controllers to achieve better speed values. The original speeds was 2x, 4x, 8x, but after the reprogramming these are: 0.5x, 4x, 16x. The new slowest (0,5x) speed suitable for autoguiding.
Bluetooth interface
Stabi telesope mounts
Stabi telescope mount