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Downloadable programs

From this page you can download the demo version of the Ursa Minor, and a simple testprogram for testing the Ursa Minor Autoguider. The device drivers for various hardware components can also be found there.

Beta versions of the programs

You can find these on separate page.

Official releases

Downloadable demo of Ursa Minor program

You can download and try demo version of Ursa Minor SkyTour program free of charge. There is no time-limit in the program, however some functions are disabled, and the data files are reduced.

Limitations of the Demo program

  • Telescope controlling is disabled
  • Time and date cannot be modified
  • Exporting sky maps in printable PDF format is not allowed in the demo version.
  • Magnitude limit is lower than in the commercial version. (limited to the 6th magnitude) However in one part of the sky, close to the constellation Ursa Major the stars are appearing up to the 11.5 th. magnitude. You can check the density of the full star data file on this region of the sky map.
  • There are fewer deepsky objects as in the commercial version. In one small part of the sky, the deepsky objects are shown as in the commercial version. This part of the sky is the Ursa Maior region.


MCConfig: Configurator program for MC3

Firmware uploader program

Link for download:

With this program you can update the internal firmware of the following Ursa Minor products:

  • MC3 telescope controller
  • Handcontrol for MC3
Program for uploading the firmware onto Ursa Minor MC3 and the Hand Control

Testprogram for Merlin mounts and the Ursa Minor Bluetooth interface

Program for testing the Merlin mounts and the Ursa Minor Bluetooth interface

This program can be used to test the communication between the computer and Merlin mount or testing the operation of the Ursa Minor Bluetooth module.

Ursa Minor Bluetooth interface V 2.0

This program is freeware and can be downloaded from here: merlin_test.zip

Testprogram for Ursa Minor Autoguider Interface

Program for testing the autoguider Ursa Minor Autoguider

This program can be used to test the functionality of the Ursa Minor Autoguider Interface. Choose the port number from the dropdown list and press the connect button! After the connection is established, you can send correction pulses to the autoguider. The led will indicate the communication.

This program can also be used for testing the "Autoguider monitoring" feature of the Ursa Minor Pro program.

You can download it from here: autoguider_test.zip.

MC3 Firmware files

You can upgrade the MC3 with these firmware files. Use the Firmware uploader program.

mc3fw_01_00_00_10.bin (2019.10.13.)
  • Use this firmware with MCConfig 2.4.
  • This firmware is compatible with the Ursa Minor hand control. (Skywatcher compatibility dropped.)
  • Ascom compatibility: Advanced LX-200 ascom driver.
mc3fw_01_00_00_09.bin (2015.04.17.)
This firmware is required when use the MC3 with Ursa Minor Hand control running firmware or later
mc3fw_01_00_00_08.bin (2014.10.19.)
Improved compatibility with Synscan hand control. Supported Synscan firmware versions: 3.27 and 3.28.
mc3fw_01_00_00_07.bin (2014.09.07.)
Fixing a bug when using with Synscan and guiding with MGen.
mc3fw_01_00_00_06.bin (2014.07.20.)
Bugfix: Auto-guiding with EQ-Ascom driver fixed.
mc3fw_01_00_00_05.bin (2014.07.03.)
Bugfix: Compatibility with EQ-Ascom driver fixed.
mc3fw_01_00_00_04.bin (2014.02.03.)
New feature: Handling park position
Motor control: Improved performance at high rotating speeds. Supporting Fornax 52 "Photo" series mounts.
Max motor current increased to 1.8A. Improved guiding performance: Handling shorter pulses.

Ursa Minor Hand control Firmware files

UMI_HC_01_00_00_06.bin (2019.07.07.)
MC3 firmware required: or later. New function: Sun, Moon and planets position
UMI_HC_01_00_00_05.bin (2017.03.11.)
MC3 firmware required: or later.
UMI_HC_01_00_00_04.bin (2016.01.04.)
MC3 firmware required: or later.
UMI_HC_01_00_00_03.bin (2015.04.30.)
MC3 firmware required: or later.
UMI_HC_01_00_00_02.bin (2015.04.17.)
This firmware is required for using with MC3 running firmware or later.
UMI_HC_01_00_00_01.bin (2015.03.26.)
This firmware is required for using with MC3 running firmware

Ursa Minor Hand control databases

Coming soon...

Device driver for USB-Serial converter

The MC3, the Hand control, and many other Ursa Minor product contains the FTDI USB-serial converter IC. You can download the necessary driver from the manufacturers website. Instructions:

  • Do not connect the hardware (MC3 or other Ursa Minor product) before installing driver. Unplug it, when it was plugged.
  • Navigate to the www.ftdichip.com website.
  • Locate the "Drivers" menuitem in thel eft side menu, and click on it.
  • It expands to two additional options. Choose the "VCP driver" option.
  • A table will be displayed listing many options for several operating system. for most of the cases, check the upper-right part of the table, and you find there a link as: "available as setup executable". Download this.
  • Unpack the file, and run the executable program from it.
  • Restart the computer
  • Plug in the MC3 USB cable and switch the MC3 on. The computer should recognize it as an USB-serial port.